Lost data? Get your computer BACKED UP!

If you fancy yourself a fan of ‘Sex and the City’ (this means you too guys, we know you’ve watched it) then you may remember an unfortunate episode where Carrie gets ‘sad Mac-ed’. In simpler terms, her entire life’s work became trapped inside of a crashed computer–and she wasn’t even aware that backing up her files was an option. If you’re somebody who holds a wealth of important information on your computer let this informative episode be a lesson to you. We suggest you get your computer digitally backed up to ensure you don’t suffer the same unfortunate fate.

Make sure you back up everything important with an online data backup solution. We suggest RapidBackup or similar online backup services that are simple, secure, easy to use and loaded with features such as unlimited storage and global accessibility. The comprehensive system you choose should back up your files as soon as they’re saved so there’s no need to remember to back them up yourself.

Avoid a computer crash catastrophe and make sure your important documents don’t disappear ever!

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