Top 3 Computer Viruses That Wreaked Havoc Globally

After the global pandemic, most of us are fully aware of the scale of damage that a virus can do to the health of people. It can spread seamlessly through one infected person to another and is highly adept at making its copies. Similarly, the virus in the digital world works. Once your computer system is infected with a virus, it can quickly harm your system without you even noticing it in the starting stage and can also infect other systems when infected files and programs are migrated through the network.

In case you live in Richmond, Canada and you have got your computer system infected with a virus, you can hire our computer services in Richmond to get the virus removed from your system.

Since we always want you to safely explore the digital world, we want you to be aware of the following most harmful computer viruses that have wreaked havoc on innumerable computer systems around the world, including the ones in Canada.

1. ILOVEYOU: No matter where you check, you will find ILOVEYOU virus on the top of the lists of the most destructive viruses. Also referred to as Love Bug or Love Letter for You, this worm/virus has affected tens of millions of computers around the world. It is the first truly global computer virus that had disrupted not only businesses but government agencies across the globe.

Though it was introduced in the year 2000, it is still (after more than 20 years) one of the most infamous computer viruses that have caused the damages of billions of dollars.

2. Melissa: It is a mass-mailing macro virus that was released in 1999 and was primarily developed to target Microsoft Word and Outlook-based systems.

This virus infects computers through emails with the title of “Important Message From” entailed by the current username. As soon as the reader opens, they are told that the email contains the document they asked for and they must not show it to anyone. The email is attached with a file named list.doc that contains a list of pornographic sites and the associated logins for each.

After that, the email is designed to mass mail to the first fifty people in the user’s contact list and also disables many safety features in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook.

This virus disrupted personal computers and computer networks in businesses and governments and caused damage of US$80 million.

3. Sasser: Sasser targeted computer systems that were operated by vulnerable versions of Windows XP and 2000. It has the capability to spread without any human intervention, however, can be stopped through a properly configured firewall or by downloading the latest updates from Windows Update.

It affected the news agency AFP by blocking its satellite communications for hours and caused Delta Air Lines to cancel several flights. In addition, it also affected insurance companies, universities, hospitals, banks, and even the European Commission.

Apart from this, you also need to steer clear of various other malware such as My Doom, Storm Trojan, Code Red, and Conficker. If you suspect that your computer is infected by a virus or has slowed down for no apparent reason, please feel free to take advantage of computer services in Richmond, Canada.

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