Why Is My Computer Running So Slow? Is there any Solution

Computer slowdowns are inevitable. Really there are a myriad of reasons for this, but most of them come down to one thing; that you use them. As you download programs, install extensions, browse the web, create files, and fill your hard drive, you accumulate virtual waste that affects the performance of your PC.

If you are experiencing lag or feel your PC is slowing down, it’s probably a good time to contact professional a computer services company in your area. These experts will be able to resolve any issues with your computer and vastly increase their performance.

Let’s review some of the key reasons your computer slows down.

  1. Multiple Apps Running on Startup

If you run a program rarely, you do not need to run it at startup. It will eat upnonessential resources from your computer. Here’s a quick tip to remove some of the current apps running upon startup. If you are not familiar with and item it is recommended you leave it alone or seek professional help. You do not want to disable something that it is vital to your computer’s operation.

• Go to the “Start” menu.
• Type “MSConfig”
• See which applications are running all the time
• Remove or Disable these programs.

Another way of removing the programs is:
• Click on Task Manager
• See the running programs and right-click on the program that you are not using.
• Select End Task to close the program

  1. Virus/ Malware

Viruses and malicious software can cause severe damage to computers and that includes clogging its overall performance.

Here are a few of the typical ways your computers responds when infected:
• Unable to shut down the system
• Everything is delayed
• The web browser is blocked with loads of flash ads.

Windows Defender is the antivirus solution that comes bundles with Microsoft and helps keep your computer free from malicious threats. It is recommended that you look at other solutions that would be more effective as well as reliable.

  1. Don’t have Adequate RAM

There might be instances when you try to work in different applications at once, such as the web browser, Microsoft Word, Skype, etc. and your computer suffers a lag when passing from one to another. Well, this happens due to not having enough RAM.

RAM is the memory used by your computer to run the applications. RAM can be updated if you know where to look. Connect with a professional who will be able to tell you what your upgrade options are.

  1. Running Out of Space

It has been a common myth that that more disk space means a faster computer. Having said that you should keep at least 20-25% of free space on your PC’s hard drive. It can help to improve the performance of your computer a bit and eliminate lagging issues.

In order to do that you need to optimize the files you have on your PC. It is not as simple as it may sound because there is no single solution and efficient method to accomplish this.

It is best to transfer large files, like the videos and photos that take up more disk space than other types of files, to an external hard disk. It is also recommended to review all installed programs on your computer and uninstall the applications that you don’t use

Today, with work from home, many of us are using our PC more than usual. Thus, daily use of computer without any maintenance can cause several issues and lags. So, if you are facing any computer problems, make sure to have a reliable tech person available to help you.

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